A Local, Independent Office Product Dealer That is Constantly Evolving

For decades, large, big-box stores have dominated the office products industry with a promise of the ‘best’ prices. Prior to the entry of these national players, the industry was made up of thousands of independent dealers serving local or, perhaps regional markets. These local businesses were typically an integral part of the communities they operated in.

Our founders, Chuck Inwood and Carla Tudor, came from that tradition of locally owned, locally focused dealers. They believed a small, technically savvy business that offered great prices along with an unparalleled level of personalized service couldn’t help but win. After several discussions between the two, Nickerson Business Supplies was born in 1998. Our name is a tribute to Chuck’s grandfather, Joshua Nickerson Inwood. JN, as he was known, founded his own office products company in 1925.

The Nickerson Mission is simple:

Treat our customers the way we as consumers want to be treated. Every consumer needs to feel valued and should not have to worry about surprises or hidden costs. “No surprises” is the motto instilled in all our employees and guides many of our decisions today.

After Carla left the company in 2002, Chuck continued the business working with his wife and partner, Jean. Today, we are one of the leading independent dealers in the state of Ohio.

Our success is due, in large part, to the quality and commitment of the men and women who make up the Nickerson Team. We’ve been fortunate to meet or know some of the best people in the business and persuade them to join us.

Over the years, Nickerson has also continued to invest in the latest technologies. Updating website ordering platforms, utilizing mobile phones to capture signatures upon delivery and continuing to train staff. Focusing efforts on bettering the overall customer experience and reducing costs.

Nickerson, Today

Today, we still offer the same exceptional service that our customers in the Cincinnati-Dayton Metro area have come to expect. Our product offerings have extended beyond office products to janitorial supplies, furniture, and much more. Our prices? They have only become more competitive.

Local Love

Nickerson Business Supplies has deep roots in Ohio as a local business. By keeping the company contained within the Ohio and Kentucky region, local jobs are maintained within the community the owners have come to know and love. Continuing the tradition set at the foundation of the company: small carbon footprint, and investments in technology and people. The end result is an efficient, tailored experience coupled with a caring customer service team, a responsive outside sales force, and dedicated delivery drivers to serve you and your organization.

Our Team & You


  • 10 Years or Longer
  • Less than 10 Years

More than half of our staff have been with us for a decade or longer.

One employee in particular left a large company to work for us. “I didn’t feel like I mattered there,” she said. When we asked our staff what their favorite thing about helping customers is, here are a few answers they provided us:

“Knowing that I’ve helped make their day a little better and brighter by solving a problem.”

“Helping them figure out what they need or are having trouble finding.”

“Being of service and full of information.”

Who and Where We Serve

The majority of our clients are local small and medium-sized businesses in a range of industries spread across Ohio and Kentucky.


  • Butler County, Ohio
  • Warren County, Ohio
  • Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Montgomery County, Ohio
  • Dayton Airport
  • Greater Cincinnati Airport
  • Covington, Kentucky
  • Erlanger, Kentucky
  • Middletown, Ohio
  • Monroe, Ohio


  • Health Facilities
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Construction and trades
  • Banks and credit unions