Promotional Products: Getting You Noticed, Staying Remembered

While your warm personality and prompt service can be enough in getting prospects to engage with you, sometimes, there just needs to be a little extra something… a tangible item of some sort that prospects can have and hold to REMEMBER you.

What has top of mind recall and is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness?*

Promotional products! Be it a tote bag, a mug, a pen, or something else, these handy items are often present and used daily in a consumers’ life.*

After you’ve left an event where you met a prospect, promotional products can prolong brand awareness and even generate new business. One study found that 11 percent of advertisers were able to go as far as increase their business even among those who hadn’t done any business with them before.*

Saying ‘Thank You’ with Promotional Products

Promotional products don’t just need to serve as a tool for bringing in new business, but instead can also help retain current business. Use them to say ‘thank you.’ We’ve seen clients throughout the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex area give them out at their stores to existing customers as a way to show their appreciation. We’ve had one client in the Convington, Kentucky area who distributed an upscale pen to all existing customers over a certain period time to celebrate an anniversary.

Some of our best selling promotional products include logo wear and pens. Choose from over 5,000 products, starting at as low as .10 each.

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*Source: Promotional Products Association International